Saturday, October 22, 2011

Denmark, What A Scream


I am still in search of a “Great Danish” as I leave Nyhavn and head towards Tivoli. Tivoli is the famous Danish amusement park founded in 1843.



SamSep14 063 Along Stroget Street I stop at a Mediterranean style restaurant for an early evening snack before continuing on toward the central train station.








SamSep14 065 Copenhagen Central Train Station


The night air has a nice chill to it and the sky has taken on a sunset blue that provides a magnificent backdrop for the surrounding buildings.

Strolling through the train station, I think I have come close to ending my "Great Search", at of all places a 7-11.



SamSep14 067 For about US$3, I have one of the best cinnamon rolls I have ever tasted.

However, I am not sure if it counts as a danish. In fairness to my extensive culinary and scientific research, I decide more data is required and continue my quest.





SamSep14 094 Again using my cOPENhagen Card, I enter Tivoli. Since it is later in the evening the park is mostly deserted. However, this allows me to leisurely stroll and enjoy the area. With colorful rows of lights and dancing fountains, the grounds are picturesque.






SamSep14 079 Tivoli


As I am walking around I am drawn to the international sounds of fun and excitement. Screams and laughter can be heard in the distance as I enter the rides section of the park. It brings a smile to my face to see and hear others having so much fun even if I cannot understand their spoken language.



SamSep14 091 Tivoli offers a diversity of carnival games, rides, food vendors and exhibitions.







I find the electrical exhibition interesting. Here I discover I can temporarily generate about 80 watts of power but it is exhausting. I produce just enough power to turn on a laptop but no Googling or Facebooking.




SamSep14 092 About to leaving the park I catch the closing act of one of the many performances put on by the park.







With all that Tivoli offers including "Friday Rock" concerts, it is definitely worth the visit to the park especially if you have a cOPENhagen card.






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