Sunday, October 16, 2011

Denmark, A Waterbus Tour


I am up from my afternoon nap just in time to take a short stroll to Nyhavn (New Harbor) for the last Waterbus Tour of the afternoon. With my cOPENhagen Card the tour is free!

Once the “Red Light District” of Copenhagen and home of The Little Mermaid author, Hans Christian Andersen, Nyhavn has now become one of Copenhagen’s hippest and most expensive neighborhoods.



SamSep14 043 Brilliant yellows, light blues and rich browns highlights the high-priced buildings and restaurants that line the canal as we begin our tour.





One of these buildings was Hans Christian Andersen former residence.




SamSep14 044 The Opera



Leaving the protected canal we enter an open harbor that has a brisk wind blowing across it. Passing The Playhouse we head towards The Opera which designed and built to resemble the a historical harbor loading dock.

A turn down another canal and we are cruising by million dollar condominiums that were converted from an old shipping yard, very cool. Too bad I don't have a million dollars. Can you spare me some small change?

Back from The International Expo in Shanghai, China, The Little Mermaid sits alone along the waters edge that fronts a local park. She has had a tough life here having lost her head twice and being painted red. There is an under current to give Ariel a more promising future the size of the Statue Of Liberty in New York but the Danes are still undecided.


SamSep14 048 Facing The Opera is the Amalieborg Castle, The Royal Family's home.

Not as impressive from my perspective but we are told Her Majesty gets up with a fantastic view.







SamSep14 049 Christianborg




Next, we are touring through Christianborg another spectacular neighborhood that houses the Danish Parliament and The Old Stock Exchange.




SamSep14 056 The Old Stock Exchange.

Used by the countries of Denmark,Sweden and Norway.







This area of the tour has us navigating below many low bridges some requiring us to be careful to not lose our heads like Ariel.



SamSep14 052At one point it seems like we will become stuck. However, our tour guide promises we'll get home tonight.

The captain does a nice job navigating the low and narrow canal.






We return to Nyhavn with some daylight remaining and my search for a “Great Danish” continues.






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