Monday, October 31, 2011

Zambia, Jollyboys And Shopping.


My check in at Jollyboys is straightforward and simple especially since I do not have any luggage. For US$12 per night I will be sharing a quad bed dorm style room.


SAM_0414Jollyboy is a comfortable and safe facility with a restaurant, bar, pool and lots of areas to lounge around and relax.

It is located just behind the Livingstone Museum and is a short walk from most of downtown Livingstone activities.





SAM_0447Jollyboy’s Pool And Bar Area


Having made reservations for a Sunset Cruise on the Zambezi River (US$55 including snacks and an open bar), with a simple map in hand, I set out to do some shopping. For me it is still bright and hot as I walk on dusty sidewalks and streets to a strip mall. At the local department store, “PEP”, I find a few clothing items on sale. Shorts for $19,000 and toiletries varying from $4000 - $6000.

In looking for sandals, I discover that Zambian men shoes at PEP only go up to a size 8. However, I am sure that is no reason to draw any unfounded conclusions.

For about $82,000 (kwacha), I have all the items I think I will need to last me a day or two until hopefully my missing backpack shows up.



SAM_0466One purchase that I am excited about is a ¾ length powder blue pants that matches the color of the local taxi cabs.

Now,  I may just have Zambian modeling career ahead of me.

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