Monday, September 19, 2011

Morocco, Drag Belly Dancers


My last night in Marrakesh and I am back at Jemaa El Fna where it seems all the action takes place.

On the grounds of the square there is all types of entertainment from entrepreneurial Moroccans.



Sony 078 You can bowl on a four feet mat, fish for a two litter bottles of soda or even watch drag queen belly dancers.







Sony 081




Sony 084 A stroll down Marrakesh's version of the famous Canal Street in New York, I have a small desert then I am off to have dinner.





As I am dining, stalls are in the background with vendors selling bowls and bowls of escargots. My interested is peaked but I am not sure I have the stomach for it.

I get some encouragement to try them after watching a younger diner sitting at a table next to me eating them. However, his almost priceless facial expressions causes me some doubt.

With a waiter's help communicating for me, I get offered a sampling instead of having to purchase an entire bowl. Not bad, like anchovies but not as salty.

For my last night in Morocco this turns out to be a fun and lively place to hang out.






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