Saturday, September 3, 2011

Morocco, Strolling Essaouira



Sony 086 Arriving in Essaouria, I immediately take a liking to the area.






Clear blue skies and fresh Atlantic Ocean breezes blanket this city along Morocco’s western shoreline. A brief walk from where our tour bus drops us off and we enter a bustling hassle free outdoor market area.



Sony 088 Essaouira Market



I imagine you can find anything you might need here. Colorful leather slippers for men can be found from one vendor, there's a butcher shop even a fast talking super glue salesman.



Sony 091 Can you get chicken any fresher than a live one?

I just which they knew not to stick their necks out on a limb.





I am drawn to the variety of fresh fruits and give a cactus fruit a try. I am impressed when the vendor reaches below his cart full of fruit and retrieves his private reserves.  Using his skills, he prepares the fruit for me and serves it like a gracious host.



Sony 092 A papaya texture with edible seeds that's moist and sweet.

All for less than ten cents, wow!





Next, I am walking a narrow alley that opens into a small square that connects to another narrow alley. Both are lined with buildings that have bright blue shutters a left over reminder of France's presence here.




Sony 093 Essaouira Blue Shutters



Another street with a mixture of shops. This time two catch my attention, well ok, more like three. First, a music shop where I purchase a CD with a nice collection of African music.

Then I succumb to my sweet tooth not once but twice.



Sony 096 How can one resist a coconut layered cake or pastries loaded with pistachios, almonds or chocolates?




It takes nerves of steel and stamina which I severely lack when it comes to sweets.



Sony 100 However, I do get some encouragement from a local Superkid!









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