Monday, September 5, 2011

Morocco, Seaside Essaouira


Sony 102 Walking along the shoreline, I am given another perspective of this charming coastal town.




Vendors carry trays of local pastries for sale while a group of kids gather near the water to fish. As I head towards an old fort in the distance, I make a brief stop at stands filled with the fresh catches of the day.



Sony 104Fresh Fish




Sony 105 Here I solve the mystery of the flavorful fish I had for dinner the previous night in Marrakesh.

My guess confirmed. It was eel.






 Sony 108 Just before entering the old fort colorful blue fishing boats scattered around add a nice touch to the coastal landscape.




Sony 034 A $10 dirham entrance fee and I get an elevated view of the city along with a chance to share a part of it's history.






Sony 043 Off shore is an island once used as a prison and below me is a very active fishing port and market area.






The wind is howling up here and steals my Chicago Cubs baseball cap. I hope some Moroccan will recover it from the sea below and become a Cubs fan.

From the fort, we make our way to the beach which has a wide firm sandy area. Here you can do windsurfing, kite sailing or even take a camel ride.



Sony 114 I find it ironic that the water is so cold beneath my feet.

However, it does stop too many from enjoying being here.

Especially, the kids.








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