Thursday, September 30, 2010

Germany, On The Way To Frankfurt



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At first it seems that my flight on Delta from New York (JFK) to Frankfurt, Germany (FRA) will be leaving early, however fifteen minutes after our scheduled departure we are still sitting at the gate.


CAN 002 A PA from the Captain informs us that our delay is due to a passenger who checked bags on the flight but did not get on board the airplane.



As a part of post 9-11 airline security the checked luggage must be removed from the airplane. Depending on when and where the luggage has been load will determine how much longer of a delay we will have. I hope it was not the first bag loaded.

Our flight this afternoon has a short en-route time of about seven hours so we are still expecting to arrive in Frankfurt early even with our security delay.

Mostly smooth while dinner is being served then our flight hits a little turbulence somewhere over the North Atlantic. I use this opportunity to get myself rocked to sleep. It's about 2am in Frankfurt and this will allows me to get about five hours of sleep. Acclimating myself to Frankfurt time will help be get the most out of my time in Germany.


CONVAR3 We are told it's about 50 degrees with light rain as we make our initial descent for landing.

From my perspective, I am thinking Jimmy Cliff thoughts.


Although it is typical fall weather for Europe, I hope the weather will turn out to be a “bright, (bright) sunshiny day.” My plan is to tour a bit of the German countryside before ending up in Munich to share the experience of Oktoberfest in September, no less.

Clearing German Immigration and Customs is as simple as can be.  In Europe, this always seem to be an efficient hassle free process, nice especially after a long flight.


CONVAR8 Leaving customs, I head over to the Budget Car Rental  where a line has already formed.

With only one employee working both the Avis and Budget desk, snails are passing me by.


Anxious to get on the road,  I decide to check out  Europcar Rental located in the same area. For about the same price as the car I had reserved at Budget, I pick up an economy car for $80 per day with unlimited mileage.


CONVAR9 About twenty minutes later, I am in a Renault Clio on my way to Munich via Wurzburg and Nuremberg.






 CONVAR10 I am on the Autobahn, snails, eat my dust!



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