Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Zealand, Dux de Lux Christchurch


Located just minutes from Canterbury Museum, Dux de Lux turns out to be a perfect choice for lunch.

Browsing a menu board behind a deli type counter, my head is spinning from all the possible delicious selections. My eyes and stomach are having a fierce battle.  I order a vegetable samosa with three distinct salads as a reasonable comprise.



Dux SaladsGarbanzo, Rice And Carrot Salads


I enjoy my salads along with a draft Ginger Tom, NZ$6.50 while the  samosa is being prepared.



Dux de LuxGinger Tom







It is not long before my samosa is presented with a small lettuce salad and warm apples in a tasty sauce for dipping.



Vegetable Samosa Vegetable Samosa



What would lunch be without a slice of Dutch Apple Pie topped with a slice of kiwi? 


Dutch Apple PieDutch Apple Pie







Gracefully served on a plate decorated with whip cream and raspberry sauce. NZ$8 is not enough! To say the food at Dud de Lux was delicious would be a gross understatement.


Dux DiningDux de Lux certainly gets my vote for Pub of The Year 2009.

An excellent way to end my culinary experience in New Zealand.





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