Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Zealand, Canterbury Museum

Entrance to the Canterbury Museum is free but a NZ$5 is a suggested donation and well worth it.


Moa Sink HoleMoa Exhibit

The Moa, an extinct relative of the kiwi  is one of the first exhibit you encounter as you enter the museum. Along with Maori and other Daily Canterbury Life exhibits, I learn a lot more than NZ$5 worth about New Zealand.


Paua Shell House






Fred & Myrtle’s Paua Shell House


1145 shells each one different, New Zealand Flip-Flops and Buzzing Bees are all a part of a unique display at Paua Shell House.  Fred and Myrtle's work of art is almost as much a part of New Zealand as the kiwi.


NZ Flip FlopsNew Zealand Flip Flops






“A bit over the top, but marvelous” comes a review from a local museum visitor.


 Antartic Expedition Trans-Antarctic Expedition


An Egyptian, Asian and numerous other displays are also part of the museum but my favorite is a display on Antarctica. It inspires me to fulfill my dream to someday visit there.


Confucius Confucius







New Zealand New Zealand







 Maori Family Maori Family


I leave the museum with sunshine and rain engaged in a battle to rule the rest of the day. I am placing my bet on sunshine to win as I navigate my way to Dux de Lux for lunch.



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