Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Turkey, Dinner And Backgammon


A huge fresh salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers along with fresh bread starts dinner at a local restaurant, Kimene.


Istanbul Samsung 024 Kimene Fresh Salad



Samsung 381 Kimene Restaurant






Istanbul Samsung 026Our main course, the Kabob Platter comes with chicken, lamb and beef are all flavorful along with the grilled tomatoes and peppers.

This platter is done right!



Not a regular coffee drinker, I do take the opportunity to sample Turkish coffee after dinner.



Istanbul Samsung 027Strong with a SAE-40 motor oil sludge consistency at the end.






Dinner ends with a complimentary fruit platter of chilled melons, cherries and a green tart plums.



Istanbul Samsung 029 


Back at Rose Marine Club, tea and a few games of Backgammon and we call it a night.  I think I am going to bed begin in the backgammon score. Revenge will have to wait until tomorrow night.


Istanbul Samsung 030 Fixed Dice? Ummm







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