Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hungary, Budapest Central Market


If you are looking for a good sampling of Hungarian  culinary delights then you may have to go no further than the Central Market.

Located at the end of Fashion Street and Liberty Bridge, The Central Market dates back to 1890 and  features a wide selection of meats, vegetables, breads along with  many other food and beverage products.  

SAM_0525Sausage Meat Shop And Deli 


SAM_0535Prima Pek  Bakery







SAM_0531 Hungarian Peppers




SAM_0527At RETES STRUDELS, I am given fair warning by a customer standing in line as I ponder their strudel selection.




“These are what I grew up on and are as good as my mom’s”

I am told by a visiting Hungarian who grew up here. I need no further recommendation for my first introduction to local Hungarian food. 



SAM_0526My choice, apple cinnamon. Now that’s a strudel!

The taste tells me I must get to know “mom”. Unfortunately, her daughter and future son in law (if he is smart) are  gone when I return for a second strudel. This time, sour cherry apple.


SAM_0528 Allowing my stomach to enjoy my strudel choices, I walk around a bit before my next Hungarian culinary adventure.






SAM_0530After sampling free slices of hot flavored Hungarian salami, I purchase a roll for FT$365. 



My purchase turns out to be hotter than the sample slices and leaves a fire at the roof of my mouth near my throat. I have now found a good excuse to sample one of the local beers.

SAM_0532 At another vendor a selection of beers are displayed and I take the recommended ASZOK.




A quick language lesson and I am saying thank you like a local, “koszonom”. A further attempt is made to teach me “Good-bye” but I hastily give up. It is not as easy as “koszonom”.

Although a bit tortured by the salami, the Central Market is not through with me yet as it forces me to double back to PRIMA PEK bakery.


Prima Pek Bakery Mini Selections



I gladly part with FT$195 for a sampling of mini walnut and cherry pastries along with mini pumpkin and potatoes sweet breads.

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