Saturday, October 2, 2010

Germany, Drivers Hauling A..!


CONVAR10 Leaving Europcar Rental garage at Frankfurt it is very easy to find my way to Autobahn 3.




I am on my way to Wurzburg and it is my first real introduction to German driving. With a posted speed of 120 kph, about 75mph, I am already allowed to legally drive about 10mph faster than the average speed limit in the United States.

Known by a few of my friends as “Grandpa” when it comes to driving, I am having a hard time pushing my feet down on the accelerator.


CAN 057 Thinking I would play it safe, I chose the middle lane but soon find my side and rear view mirrors filled with rapidly approaching headlights.


Although I am not concerned about road rage, I make the smart move and join the truckers in the right lane. Further along Autobahn 3 the overhead speed limit signs are extinguished and I guess all bets are off. The German drivers are hauling ass!


CAN 053 With much resistance, I decide to shed some of my “Grandpa” driving habits and now my Clio Renault  is doing about 130 kph!  Even so, I feel as if I am standing still.




CAN 052 A cargo van, mini van, moped and even a snail are just zooming by me with a blur.




Not to be outdone by a snail, I build up a bit more courage and push the Renault a bit more. Passing 150kph, I am still moving backwards compared to the other drivers on the Autobahn.



CONVAR43 “Captain, I think she can take some more but I don't think I can. Permission to change my shorts, Sir.”

So how far is it from Frankfurt to Wurzburg, Germany? It doesn't matter because if you are on the Autobahn, you'll be hauling ass!


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