Saturday, February 1, 2014

Iceland, A Horse Of A Different Color


CANAUG29 053Among the unusual things to Iceland is its horses.

There is only one breed of them allowed in the country.




A not too far of a journey out of Reykjavik and I am straddling “coast kicker” for another experience unique to Iceland. On Icelandic horses we cross a cool landscape that remains from a volcanic eruption about 9000 years ago.



CANHESTAR 005A 9000 Year Old Volcanic Field


Scattered across this geological wonderland are isolated areas of wild berries. After our ride I end up with a handful of them.




BlueberriesWild Icelandic Berries








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lesa fox said...

How cool is this man lol i think my thoughts borderline on the green side seeing you on horseback lol you rock dude by far this is the best travel blog i've read and checked out im forever blown away at the cool cool stuff you do and have done
and hey it's cool you have posted all this cool stuff you've done and seen for just this reason :) for some gal like me to live vicariously through your hella cool adventures