Sunday, February 2, 2014

Latvia, The Dome Cathedral



2013-11-15 16.13.52Anchored at the largest square in Riga is the simple but impressive Riga Cathedral.

This amazing building got its start in the early 1200's.




Having been rebuilt several times over the years this cathedral has an impressive mix of architectural styles that make the price of admission worthwhile.


2013-11-15 15.56.29However, I am told more amazing is being in “The Dome” for one of the many concerts or recital held here.





The pipe organ here is just as impressive as the building itself. I imagine hearing it being played would certainly be an enjoyable experience.



CAN RGA Day 1 028Virgin Mary Beautiful Stained Glass


Just outside of Riga Cathedral there are many outdoor restaurants and cafes where you can relax and bask in this beautiful part of the city.



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