Friday, February 7, 2014

Iceland, A Tale Of A Whale


Besides Iceland's awesome beauty on land we spend an afternoon in hopes of seeing some of its marine attraction.


CANAUG31 001Although there are many whale watching companies to choose from in Reykjavik Harbor, I am glad we chose Elding for our adventure at sea.




Before our tour begins we get an opportunity to visit their whale center where I learned some more cool things about whales.


SAMAUG30 034Sadly, many whales here are being hunted to support a segment of the tourist industry that is interested in eating whale meat.

While it maybe a unique thing to do it may come at a very high price to these majesty ocean giants.



As our tour gets on the way we are given some very cool and very bright survival suits. This time of the year falling overboard does not seem to such a life threatening situation but better safe than sorry. 


SAMAUG30 037Kudos to Elding and the crew for being safety conscious.






Leaving Reykjavik Harbor we get a nice view of city skyline and we are made aware of a boat anchored just outside of it.

Apparently this particular yacht is owed by one of the founders of Microsoft and is doing some exploration for a sunken ship from World War II that is believe to be off the west coast of Iceland.



Iceland LighthouseCool Lighthouse


Our outing does not give us the full experience that we were expecting because we never spotted any whales.


CANAUG31 014However, we did see some dolphins, a cool lighthouse that you can walk out to at low tide, a rainbow and a beautiful Icelandic sunset.







Iceland SunsetIcelandic Sunset




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