Friday, February 7, 2014

China, Descending The Great Wall


CANAUG2 152Our hike down is just as cool as it was going up although thankfully a lot less strenuous.





We do pass a few annoying “show-offs” racing up the same portion of the wall that made us almost breathless. Luckily for those “whippersnappers” I did not have my walking cane.






Even though we had seen the same landscape before it is still amazing from a slightly different perspective.

In reflecting on our upward journey, we realize the wall is not as wide as we thought it would be but in some portions it was a lot steeper and more difficult to navigate than we expected.


CAN PEK 086In the end, we are definitely glad we made the journey.





From the wall we make a stop for a late lunch then interestingly because of traffic congestion on the outskirts of the city we are given the option to ride the Metro back to our hostel.

Packed in like overweight sardines, riding the Metro at this time of the day was a challenging and fun finish to our day visiting one of China's most prominent landmarks.



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