Thursday, February 20, 2014

Switzerland, A Beautiful Countryside


Waking up late after celebrating the New Year, we set out on a day drive to see some of Switzerland’s amazing landscape. Our first destination is the city of Lucerne located in the North Central area of the country.


CAN JAN15 013On a gorgeous and clear winter day, surrounded by the awesome Swiss Alps we need to go no further to enjoy and experience the beauty of Switzerland.




A walk around town and then across the 14th century wooden Chapel Bridge is more than impressive.



CAN JAN15 03114th Century Chapel Bridge



Eventually we move on to experience more of the countryside with majestic mountains and snow covered landscape.



CAN JAN15 047At one point we pause a moment to listen to the peaceful sounds of tolling church bells echoing in a mountain valley.

A nice touch to enjoying a beautiful countryside before heading back to Zurich.





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