Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bahamas, I Coming Right Back


Twice a year I have the opportunity to relive some of my fondness memories growing up in Nassau.


Picture 632No, I do not get to have an “Afro” again or devour slice after slice of a delicious twelve eggs traditional “Bahamian Birthday” cake.

However, what I do get to do is celebrate and participate in “Junkanoo” on Boxing Day or New Years Eve.

Junkanoo is a celebration similar to Carnival in other Caribbean countries. 



If you are ever in Nassau during this time of the year then around two in the morning head to the west of the Hilton Hotel in the downtown area and find the group “Sting” to join in the fun.



Sony 058After a real Junkanoo experience, like me I think you will also be saying, “I coming right back”.







SAM DEC28 299Bahamian Junkanoo Costume




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