Monday, January 27, 2014

Iceland, Natural Wonders



Geyser watchersWe are standing only a few feet from water that is boiling at about one hundred degrees celsius.

Within a few minutes it shoots about thirty feet up in the air then crashes back into earth leaving a refreshing steam mist behind.



We are at Strokkur an active geyser that erupts about every five to ten minutes.




Exploding GeyserA Very Cool But Hot Erupting Geyser



Circling the rim of Blue Keio I hope it has no plans of erupting soon. With a hollowing wind blowing I enjoy more of Iceland's natural wonders as I peer hundreds of feet down into the almost perfect circular shape of this inactive volcano.  



CANAUG29 017Blue Keio Volcano








Feeling more confident it will stay inactive, we descend into the crater and spend a few minutes relaxing by its tranquil waters. For us, it is almost like spending an afternoon at the beach.



CANAUG29 040Inside  Blue Keio Crater


More driving along the Golden Circle route and our next stop is at an important place in Iceland's history. In 930 AD this is where the first parliament met and the laws of the country were established.



CANAUG29 087The beauty here is awesome but it hides some of Iceland’s sad history that occurred here.





At Thingveillir many men were beheaded for murder or hanged for stealing.



SAMSLA 027Eighteen women were drowned in this pool for having children out of wedlock.

At the time this was considered as having “loose morals”.






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