Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bermuda, The Onion Drop


One more invite to join the holiday celebration at St George and we now think at least we should stop in and share some of the New Year spirit before heading into the town center. A bit to our surprise the restaurant manager has arranged a table for us where we sit and enjoy the easy listening sounds of a three piece local band.


2013-12-31 13.34.40Into the evening a gentlemen comes over and invites us to join his table filled with local guests.

How could we refuse?

Our new host is more than willing to share some real holiday “spirits” and Bermudan hospitality with us.


These are the type of experiences that make traveling this time of the year extra special.

As the midnight hour approaches we say our goodbyes and head for the town center. A crowd has gathered in anticipation of celebrating the new year as a solo performer entertains us.


2013-12-31 22.48.16With food vendors and other fun activities around the decorated town center there is a somewhat muted festive mood in the air.

However, we meet at least one Bermudan who’s ready to party.





2013-12-31 22.36.15St George Town Hall


Ten, nine, eight, seven... the countdown begins and a huge lighted onion is lowered from the Town Hall with a jerking motion as we welcome 2014 in St George, Bermuda.


2013-12-31 23.02.33Celebrating 2014 with a Bermudan!








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