Sunday, January 26, 2014

Iceland, An Intriguing Destination


CANAUG28 107Leaving the airport it is not long before it seems like we are on Mars or the Moon. Within minutes we are staring at a landscape that has me thinking, “Houston, we have a problem”.



The earth in front of us is barren with what seems like multiple mini craters created no doubt by volcanic activity which is a part of Iceland's history. I have always believed that it is impossible to be in two places at the same time but here I discover that this is not necessarily true.



SAM AUG28 015In The Footsteps Of The Gods



With our feet spread wide apart we are technically on the North American and European Continent at the same time as we stand “In The Footsteps Of The Gods” at Midlina.


Blue  Lagoon LavaA stop at Blue Lagoon and we get more sensations that we are on another planet as we walk between sparkling blue pools of water with bright white and dark black jagged rock formation protruding out of the water, amazingly very cool.



Back of the road we make a slight detour and we come across an awesome waterfall that leaves me almost speechless and in awe of the beauty of mother nature here.



CANAUG28 156


A short hike and it is an amazing experience standing behind the towering watery mist as it makes a dancing descent from hundreds of feet above the ground.


Black Beach White SurfA stop at one of Iceland’s “Lava Beaches” then it is on to our next site, the largest waterfall in Europe, Gullfoss Falls.




Simply a spectacular sight that is the one spot you should definitely visit if you ever make it to this intriguing destination that is called Iceland.




SAM AUG28 043Gullfoss Falls




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