Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Latvia, Sightseeing Around Riga



Under cloudy skies with a dampness in the air, I take a stroll to do some sightseeing around Riga.


2013-11-16 12.10.10Near my hotel is a monstrous building as in “Frankenstein” monstrous that I find interesting especially when I discover it has a science connection to it.

Just makes me wonder what type of experiments have gone on or are still occurring there.



There is no wondering what is going at the Central Market which is buzzing with activity from all types on sellers and buyers.


2013-11-15 14.37.52


The fresh fruits and vegetables are amazing although I find the prices a little steep. A small snack will do as I am planning a nice meal at a local restaurant that comes highly recommended by the hotel front desk clerk.


CAN RGA Day 1 007Walking this city is amazing with so many things to see that you can easily be pulled in all directions.






I take a hike along the river towards Riga Castle and Our Lady Of Sorrow, the first Catholic church in the city. Next it is in and out of narrow streets and alleys checking out all of the other cool buildings and churches.



CAN RGA Day 1 013The architecture and history of many of these buildings is just simply astonishing.






One such building is the impressive House Of Blackheads built in the 14th century but severely damaged and pillaged in World War II. Rebuilt to its former glory in 1999, it now serves as a temporary home for use by the President of Latvia.



CAN RGA Day 1 036The 14th Century House Of Blackhead


Eventually my stomach leads me to Lido Vermanitis but not before taking in a few more sights around the city. I sure am happy about the earlier tip to eat here and I do my best to not let my eyes become bigger than my stomach.

Because the restaurant is so pack I have the good fortune to have a mother and daughter ask to sit at my table. Their joining me makes my meal an even more pleasant experience as we fumble our way through a dinner conversation. The starting point of which is the shirt the daughter is wearing. It is embroidered with the name of a place I once called home, The City Of Angels.



2013-11-15 17.03.45Bon Appetit! 








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