Thursday, March 7, 2013

Indonesia, An Entertaining Drive


For many visitors there is a fear of driving in Bali and one option to overcome this is to hire a car and a driver for the day. This is relatively inexpensive especially when it is combined with a tour package.


Tanah Lot 037Getting the right driver can definitely make the experience worthwhile and for me this turns out to be the case.

Driving to the first outing of the day I get to enjoy the beautiful Indonesian countryside without worrying about dodging motorcycles and the other hazards of driving here.





Bali D2 052Rice Fields



Rice fields and temples of all sizes line many of the roads we drive down. I am told that here many of the homes have individual temples where daily offerings are made. Some of these offerings which often contain bananas can be seen as we past homes that extended right to the edge of the streets.



Bali D2 057Old Temple



Bali D2 056Surprisingly, bananas here are very expensive as they are used for daily offerings and in numerous festivals.






Although it is tropical here, I am told Bali has too much water to grow an abundance of bananas. If there is too much water for the banana plants the fruit is often not good.

As we approach our destination our conversation turns to talking about a special coffee that I am sure Starbucks would not be offering anytime soon. Although it will cost me about US$5 for a cup just like at Starbucks, I am looking forward to sampling this interesting coffee.

However, for now it is time to get wet.



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