Monday, March 25, 2013

Guyana, Celebrating A Century Of Flight


My impromptu visit to Georgetown, Guyana has an unexpected pleasant surprise.


GUY D2 011This weekend the country is “Celebrating 100 Years Of Aviation In Guyana”.





Joining in the festivities are members of The Smoke Squadron a part of the Brazilian Air Force who will be performing an airshow in Georgetown.

Leaving my hotel around 3:30pm, I take a stroll to the Sea Wall area of Georgetown where the performance will be held. Even without an airshow the area is a popular hangout for local families on a Sunday afternoon.

Arriving at the Sea Wall, it is a bit disappointing to see the place littered with all sorts of trash and poorly maintained.


GUY D2 041The beach area is definitely not for swimming. However, the wide brown sand area does provide a spot for kids to fly kites and play games.

I chat a few moments with one of the young kite fliers who reminds me of my earlier days doing the same thing.



Nearby a circle of girls are playing an interesting clapping game that boils down to who will be the last girl standing. It turns out to be the one with the longest legs and best balance.



GUY D2 042Last Girl Standing


Although the airshow starts off behind schedule some of the performances have most of us in awe.  



GUY Airshow 025To enjoy the miracle of flight so amazingly demonstrated turns out to be a fine way to spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon in Guyana.






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