Friday, March 8, 2013

Indonesia, Ayung River Whitewater Rafting



Bali D2 023In my travels I have done several whitewater rafting trips and without a doubt the scenery along the Ayung River is among the best that I have ever experienced.





Getting to our launch point it in and off itself is quite an experience. I am dripping in sweat after descending several hundred feet and multiple steep steps to get to the rushing waters of the river. A few minutes of safety and basic whitewater rafting instructions and we are ready to begin about a two hour journey downstream.



Bali D2 036Ayung River



Bali D2 050Although most of the rapids are Class-2 or less, combined with the surrounding scenery this becomes an amazing adventure.





Through one rapid to the next we are laughing and screaming as we spin around and around tossed about by the forces of nature.

At one point we voluntarily “abandon ship” and float downstream in the cold but refreshing river water. It is so calm and relaxing floating on my back as I peacefully watch the lush green landscape go by.

A stop for refreshments then it is “paddle, paddle... boom, boom (get down)” as our guide skillfully navigates us through more rapids.


Bali D2 039One area of the river is lined with some carvings that represent a part of Indonesian culture and life along the river.

Although these are recent, about 20 years old, they are still awesome.



To top off our whitewater rafting experience near the end of our journey we are offered a free massage, a natural and fun one.




Jennifer Mckingley said...

Looks like you had fun on that trip. Great to see those wonderful photos.

DMBTraveler said...

Yes Jennifer, Bali was beautiful and lots of fun!