Thursday, March 21, 2013

Barbados, A Connection



2013-03-20 13.29.00Although my visit to Barbados is a part of my goal to complete visiting 100 countries by the end of 2013, it brings an unusual and sometimes forgotten connection to my past.





Had I made a different decision out of high school, I would have came to Barbados almost 35 years ago and most certainly my life would have been on a different path.



004Chicken And Potato Roti



Out of high school I had the opportunity to join the priesthood but declined my chance to attend seminary in Barbados. For a few moments,  I journey down “What if I had taken what was behind Door No.2” lane.

As I enjoy a chicken and potato roti, I know for sure I would be two hundred pounds heavier, I LOVE these things!


2013-03-20 16.06.20With a rental car I make my way to The Boatyard at Carlisle Bay.

Claimed as the No.1 beach on the island, I pay a US$20 admission fee to find out. This fee is subtracted from whatever food or drink I have during my stay here.




I start into my food and bar credit at the bar with The Boatyard's world famous “Pirates Punch” which turns out to be one of the best rum punches I have ever tasted. I am sure it is because of the Mount Gay Rum in it and the right touch of bitters. A few of these and I will be making myself walk the plank.



2013-03-20 16.08.59A Pirates Punch


The Boatyard does offer some nice beach facilities including free Wi-Fi. From the shade and comfort of the bar area I take in another beautiful tropical view.


010As the sun begins to say farewell to Barbados, I take a stroll along the beach with another “Pirates Punch” in hand.





With the combination of fine grain cool white sand, the right amount of surf and warm colorful tropical waters, Carlisle Bay has to be one of the most awesome beaches on the island if not in the world.

I walk to one end of the beach and watch an almost spectacular sunset as the sun disappears behind dark gray rain cloud. I imagine that on a clear day you would experience a sunset here that would be difficult to beat.



017A Carlisle Bay Beach Sunset


As I sit back in the bar area, a young lady approaches the bartender and asks for a bottle of rum. This is no ordinary bottle of rum. As the sound of local music and dancers approach the bar area from a bridge in front of us, I discover this rum is Mount Gay's latest product which currently has limited distribution. I beg for an invite to the beach party celebration for the visiting Mount Gay distributors, I don't even get a sample or a whiff.

I tell ya dis mate, lucky for all of 'em I am feelin generous, caz in me younger days, I would hav made all of 'em walk the plank to wet me whistle.... Arrrrrrggggh!

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