Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Indonesia, Batik Processing


As one that has little or no artistic talent, I am always amazed at those that do. En route for a morning of whitewater river rafting, I get to witness a part of Indonesia artistic and creative history.



Bali D2 016I watch in an open area shop as employees make some beautiful garments pieces using a process known as Batik.






Hot bees wax is to applied to white material with a special pen (chanting) to make various designs. This material is then colored using a multi layered process.


Bali D2 018The coloring is derived from boiling various plants or fruits.

Avocado skin for greens, mangoes for yellows.






Bali D2 014Old Fashioned Weaving Machine



Another interesting thing at this stop is seeing an old-fashioned weaving machine in action. Although it is explained to me how different threads are used to make the designs, I am still confused but utterly impressed how it is all done.



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