Sunday, December 23, 2012

Vietnam, A Village Bike Ride



2012-07-01 11 56 55Grabbing a few free bicycles after lunch, a “dare devil” group of us head off on a bike ride through the local village. With “Miss Saigon” and “My Blue Bonnet” I am hoping we will blend in like locals.





2012-07-01 11 57 19Mekong River Boat Traffic


Crossing a bridge I get a different perspective of the Mekong as I watch more boat traffic move up and down this significant waterway. One boat filled with fresh bananas passes beneath me, its motor making that unique sputtering “putt, putt” sound.

Navigating a village road that sometimes follows a branch of the Mekong and is lined with trees is so relaxing that it just makes me feel like singing. Now I know how Kermit felt doing the same thing through Central Park.



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