Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Vietnam, Rice Paper


Our tour of a Mekong Delta village goes from discovering interesting wines to learning more about a product I would associate with Southeast Asia. Our learning begins with sample tastings of the finished products then we head over to one corner of the large open air shop.


2012-07-01 11 51 46In this corner, “weighing in at less than 110lbs”, we find a lone woman ready to rumble as she is tending to a sort of boiling pot oven. Stretched over this pot is a silk type skin onto which a mixture of rice powder and water is poured.





2012-07-01 11 52 22Making Rice Paper



Our tour guide claims to have done this process for many years but needs a little help as he is trying to give us a demonstration. When he tries to remove the tissue paper thin finished product, it falls apart . Even he gets a laugh when I give him my Trump impression, “You're fired!”


2012-07-01 11 52 34In the end, his work is tasty dipped in soy sauce and he still gets a thumbs up from me.






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