Thursday, December 13, 2012

Vietnam, One Useful Nut


As a kid growing up in the Caribbean, the coconut has always been a sweet part of my life. From drinking fresh coconut water to enjoying homemade layered coconut candy, as an islander it is difficult to not have this nut be a part of your being.


2012-07-01 11 52 53However, it is on this tour of Southeast Asia and in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam that I learn so much more about the usefulness and commercial production of the coconut.



Did you know that in some countries (not in Vietnam) monkeys are used to harvest coconuts?




2012-07-01 11 53 39Coconut Purse




2012-07-01 11 53 14From coconut candy, that is not as good as the homemade one I grew up on and still enjoy as an adult, to ladies purses, they sure have found a lot of ways in the Mekong Delta to use this nut. It is almost insane.





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