Monday, December 10, 2012

Vietnam, Interesting Stuff In A Mekong Village


From a taste of honey, we make our way along a path through the small village located along the banks of the Mekong River. Occasionally we have to maneuver out of the way of a motorcycle or two coming down the path towards us whining at almost full speed.


2012-07-01 11 50 08This seems to be the normal around here as local families and kids pay no attention to these two wheel noise makers. Although we are on a tour, what we are experiencing and seeing is everyday life here not a tourist made up attraction.





2012-07-01 11 49 57Longan Fruit Tree



Along one side of our path are various fruit trees including the huge but “smelly” Jack fruit along with Longan fruit which I believe I sampled earlier in the trip. On the riverside of the path next we come across a batch of rice paper being made. Circular sheets of it are laid on a wicker stand to dry in the sun and we are told it can be edible if heated up in a microwave.


061Our next stop is one where I along with a few others keep our distance from sharing a possible crushing experience.

I am happy to just watch from afar as our guide and a few others handle a four year old python.






2012-07-01 11 50 53Elephant Ear Fish


Close up admiration of an elephant ear fish which is found in the Mekong River is a bit more comforting. It has Mick Jagger lips and is just as cool as The Rolling Stones.




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