Thursday, December 13, 2012

Vietnam, Snap, Crackle And ….



074Having spent some time over the last few days on the brown and almost muddy waters of the Mekong River, what I am now looking at surprises me.







2012-07-01 11 54 09Mekong River Black Sand


I am standing a few feet away from a cooking wok type pot that is about one quarter filled with black sand that we are told is from the Mekong River.

This black sand is being heated with oil to about 180 degrees and will used to make our next sampling product, pop-rice. As rice is added to this black mixture and vigorously stirred we soon begin to hear the snap, crackle and then the pop as the black color disappears. The wok becomes filled with white pop-rice.


2012-07-01 11 54 38A few filter processes that involves a swinging sifter to remove the black sand which will be used again and I am sampling a handful of the warm, light and fluffy finished product.




Our guide then offers to take us back to Ho Chi Minh City but I along with a few others voice our opposition. I want to see and experience more of the Mekong Delta.




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