Tuesday, January 31, 2012

United Kingdom, The Glory Hole Belfast


I have already been in Ireland several hours and I find myself a bit disappointed that I have not executed one of the main reasons that I am here. My delay has somewhat been because I am in search of the proper place to carry out my doing. From Traveller, the easyJet inflight magazine, I have the right place in mind and set out in search of it after my self-guided partial night tour of Belfast.



IMG_5962I arrive at my selected location to discover another disappointment. The John Hewitt is closed for the evening.





I am not alone in my disappointment as a couple of locals have just disembarked from a taxi to face the same music, well in reality no music. However, our combined fate becomes my good fortunate.



IMG_5965I am told they know of another place just down the street that may serve my purpose just as well.

I gladly follow them.






SAM_1531Coming in from the cold, I quickly realized that I have been pointed in the right direction.

Although hundreds of options are now available to me, my target was chosen many years and thousands of miles ago.





IMG_5973I am so excited, I find an encoding machine and immediately send a message back to the home office to confirm my findings and take final orders.





As I wait for confirmation, I am doing my best to remain calm. I hope I have not blown my cover by visibly foaming at the mouth. Then it happens, I am approached by a local gentlemen with just a wooden bar separating us and he has just one question for me.




IMG_5966I respond, “I'll have a pint”.




SAM_1518Guinness, “Gives You Strength”.

“Is Good For You”.

“Wonderful This Time Of The Year”.

Can you believe, I am having a fresh pint of it in the land where it has been made since 1759.

Nothing else compares!






IMG_5972The Glory Hole Bar



Thanks to The Glory Hole Bar my almost life long mission is accomplished. I also discover the reason behind one of life’s greatest drinking mysteries while at this very cool local pub that claims to have largest selection of Irish Whiskeys in Ireland.


IMG_5969Do you know why God created alcohol?

To stop the Irish from conquering the world!







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