Thursday, January 26, 2012

United Kingdom, Coastal Drive To St Andrews Scotland


I arrive in Edinburgh Scotland on the last day of 2011. The city is still asleep as my Continental flight from Newark, New Jersey makes a touchdown under the early morning cover of winter darkness. We have arrived so early that I find myself roaming the airport before I pick up my Thrifty Car rental.


IMG_5853It seems the morning sun is slow to arrive as I begin a coastal route drive to St Andrews. Although it is cold and the skies are overcast, the late rising sun makes the colors soothing.




I have crossed one of the many bridges from Edinburgh and I am now looking across a body of water towards the city.

What a surprise, I think I have just spotted the Loch Ness Monster lurking in the dark and still waters off shore below me. I am hesitant to call out the media and as it turns out, I am glad I waited.




IMG_5854Loch Ness Monster?


My “Nessie” is nothing more than a small marine navigation beacon that is sticking up out of the water. Darn it, I could have been famous!



IMG_5860The coastal route to St Andrew is very picturesque with many coastal communities with colorful houses and some surprising beautiful wide beaches.






IMG_5856I am overlooking one of these beautiful beaches from a hillside parking lot and can imagine it being even more stunning in summer.





I descend a steep guided path and it is quick to discover why no one is out for an early morning swim, the water is near freezing. However, with a low tide this is a nice area for a morning jog or stroll.



IMG_5879It is not long before I arrive at St Andrew the town that give birth to the sport of golfing. Quaint shops and restaurants that line both sides of main street make walking around the town fun.




My favorite, a candy shop that only allows 2-3 school kids inside at a time. So now I know why it’s like being a kid in a candy store.



IMG_5867One of the most historical building in town is St Andrew's Cathedral.

However, all that remains of this 14th century place of worship is it's still impressive exterior walls.






IMG_5863St Andrews Cathedral



IMG_5869Standing inside of them I am still in awe of it's medieval grandness.








IMG_5874Nearby, there is also a sea wall where it is believed one of it's gates is haunted.






In St Andrew's cemetery is buried the ultimate golf legend, Tom Morris. My next stop will take me to what made Tom Morris famous or some may say it is what he made famous, St Andrew's Golf course.



IMG_5875Tom Morris



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