Saturday, January 7, 2012

South Africa, Jackass Penguins



JNB Trip 208Leaving the Stellenbosch Wine region, I join Route 44 for a scenic drive along the coast to my destination for the night, Hermanus.







JNB Trip 210Gordon’s Bay




JNB Trip 213I endure a stunning coastal landscape with multiple stops at places like Gordon's Bay as I make my way there.





Gordon's Bay is where one of the largest whales in the world, The Southern Right, comes to give birth. These whales can grow up to 45 feet in length and weigh multiple tons.



JNB Trip 217As I am driving along Route 44 the weather could not be any nicer. As far as the eye can see it is clear and the ocean breeze is refreshing.






JNB Trip 225At stops along the way, I make short hikes on the rugged coast line and enjoy the tranquil crashing of the pounding waves.

If only I could stop time, I would stay longer than I do.




When I think of South Africa, I never think of penguins. Therefore, I am a bit surprised when I come across a road sign for penguins. Leaving the main highway, I navigate through a small coastal community and end up at Stony Point.



JNB Trip 260Stony Point




JNB Trip 258Although it is about 70 degrees outside, here is the home of a colony of African penguins.

Once called Jackass penguins because of their donkey like braying call.




JNB Trip 259These penguins are one of 18 species worldwide, that are found only in Africa.

I think if their cousins in Antarctica could see them now, they would be jealous.





CAN 055I want to go to Africa



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