Friday, January 2, 2015

Slovenia, It's Just Lunch


No road trip would be the same for us without a slight detour. This time our detour leads to a delightful lunch in Slovenia.

Following the recommendation and directions of a helpful border control police officer, we drive 20Km from the border crossing and end up in the town of Crnomelj.


IMG_0624Our 20km drive along a winding country road takes us through a beautiful frozen landscape covered with fresh white snow.

We pass through many small towns that still seem asleep even though it is late in the afternoon.








Beautiful churches can be seen in the distant hillsides, the crown jewel of many of these somewhat fairy tale communities.



IMG_0625From a road sign advertisement we pick our lunch destination but it takes a few u-turns and a stop at a “Sports Bar” to find it. Although we are told at the “Sports Bar” that the restaurant is open we are first doubtful after driving 5m across a parking lot.



An automatic door opens and the warmth of “Gostilna Samarin” welcomes us. A few employees are sitting around a bar and one of them escorts us to the dining room area where we are the only patrons.

Two glasses of red wine are ordered as we peruse the menu and quickly decide on our selections. It's one order of Wiener Schnitzel and one Ljubljana Steak.







A basket filled with thick slices of fresh bread is soon delivered to our table followed by fresh salads tossed with an abundance of a light lemon flavored dressing. The Ljubljana Steak turns out to be similar to the Schnitzel but with a portion of it stuffed ham and cheese.



IMG_0640We enjoy our meal but with daylight fading we are anxious to get back to the main highway before dark.






Our journey from Crnomelj is just as picturesque as it was to it. This time we notice barren trees with leaves of snow balls that just seem so awesome. 20Km later we repeat a double border crossing process but have no regrets about making our detour into Slovenia.



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