Saturday, January 10, 2015

Croatia, Stari Grad Dubrovnik


After a long night of celebrating the New Year, we barely wake up in time to stroll around the city just before sunset.


2015-01-01 11.03.24Today I think our situation is not an unusual one as the area around our hotel is quiet and almost seems deserted at three in the afternoon.

All of the restaurants and bars nearby are still closed but with lots of evidence left behind from last night's activities.



Walking towards the main area of the New Year celebration more life is evident as there is a small crowd out enjoying the city. At one of the city's gate we exit towards the waterfront and the views are simply stunning.



2015-01-01 11.15.55The tranquil harbor in front of us is sprinkled with idle boats many of them seeming to be miniature toys.






We make our way along the perimeter of the walled city and look across the harbor to see a landscape that has been painted a soft and mellow orange from the sinking sun. Around one corner of the wall we see why our path is a popular one this time of the day.  




2015-01-01 11.29.15Stari Grad Dubrovnik New Year Sunset



With a beautiful seaside view with a few islands just off shore, we join others in watching the first official Stari Grad sunset of the New Year, 2015.



2015-01-01 11.38.04Back inside the city walls we pay a visit to the Dubrovnik Cathedral then set off on a walk around the city.






Up a lengthy set of stairs we stop in at St Ignatius Church (1725) then stroll along narrow passages around the elevated inside perimeter of the city.



2015-01-01 12.29.10In one area we discover where Rudolph has sort of retired for the season but decide to take him out for a sleigh ride anyway.





This works up an appetite for dinner at Pizzeria Tomato. A revisit to a tent area set up with local food vendors and for 20KN we are served a cup of Nadine Prikle covered with sugar and cinnamon.



2015-01-01 12.41.26



With a warm delicious desert in hand we continue our walk around the city which has now really come to life. This time a sweet uplifting sound echoes through the air and along the now softly lit narrow city streets. The melody beckons us to it's origin but the mystery and listening to it from afar is so relaxing and soothing.

Our last night in Stari Grad Dubrovnik is one that leaves a great impression of this beautiful city that is already calling us to return.



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