Thursday, January 8, 2015

Croatia, Welcome 2015


2015-01-01 12.21.11We arrive in the “Old City” around 8pm and the area is already becoming busy as crowds are beginning to filter in for the night's festivities. The “Old City” is a pedestrian only area and parking nearby comes at premium prices.




Just up the street from the Hilton we find a “Zone 1” parking space for 20 krunas per hour. This becomes only a temporary spot as we set out on foot to find our accommodation for the next two nights which is located within the “Old City” walls.

A few missteps and we are eventually on the right side of the Dubrovnik Cathedral not far from where we know our apartment/hotel is located.


IMG_0729The area is dimly lit and it requires a few snaps of flash pictures to read the street signs since our flashlight refuses to work in the freezing cold.





Eventually we are in the warmth comfort of nice upstairs room at 4 Stu Lina. Although the city is a buzz with activities ahead of the midnight hour we thaw out as long as we can before layering up again.



2014-12-31 19.34.06The air is joyous as we venture out again into it's bitter coldness.

Along the streets small crowds are gathered around food vendors as live music echos through the air.




Beautiful city buildings are softly lit and holiday decorations add a charm that make it all seem magical and so wonderful.

We make our way to the main staging area of tonight's activities where a local band is entertaining a crowd that stretches the length of the main street. The songs are foreign to us but the beat and energy of the jumping crowd is unmistakably fun and festive. In tune with the beat we join in the celebration.


2014-12-31 19.10.20Before long we are buried in the crowd and given protection from the cold and the wind.

On a large screen behind the band a series of large numbers appear and the countdown begins. 20, 19, 18 …..



Bright red torches glows from the crowd behind us then moments later the skies explodes above us in amazing colors as in Stari Grad, Dubrovnik, we welcome 2015.



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