Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bosnia, The Road To Sarajevo


We leave Mostar with enough daylight to enjoy more of the mountainous terrain that is an integral part of this area of Bosnia. Although a dull winter gray fills the afternoon air it only slightly distorts the beauty that is here.

Soon our path again follows a river through mountainous valleys lined with mostly naked trees. Through another roadside tunnel as night falls and eventually we leave the country road for a major highway but face a minor obstacle.

In front of us is a toll road and we have no Bosnian currency. Approaching the toll both we realize it is deserted and after pausing a few minutes we do what others are doing and drive on through. It seems there are no tolls because of the holidays, a nice gesture.



2015-01-02 22.31.02Public Drinking Fountain Stari Grad Sarajevo


From here on we could be driving towards most any major city in the world although I have read that one could easily get lost in Sarajevo. However, our hotel is located of a major street and Maps Me a new off-line navigation app that we are trying on our Android tablet has been working well.

Before long we are at Garni Hotel Konak in Old Sarajevo where after dropping off our backpackers I am guided to park our car next to the Stari Grad Police Station. Checked in, relaxed and again layered up it is time for a freezing night walk.

Starting at an old public drinking fountain we take in the atmosphere of Stari Grad with a few others who are brave enough to endure the chilled air. A few restaurants are still open and in some windows holiday lights still blink in the spirit of the season.



2015-01-02 22.56.05

Some of the streets are frozen and slippery and walking them is like begin on an ice rink without ice skates.

Other streets are still just wet and reflect the bright and colorful lights from the buildings that line them.





2015-01-02 23.05.38Sarajevo is known as a city where cultures meet and as I stand where I can see a mosque on one side of me and a cathedral on the other, I find that so refreshing.






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