Monday, December 8, 2014

Argentina To Iguazu Falls, No Time To Tango


This is my third trip to Argentina and I am a bit embarrassed to say that am sure that I still cannot “Tango” without hurting myself or someone else.

After about a ten hour flight it is a quick and friendly welcome through Immigration and Customs before I am again trying to figure out the best (most economical) way to get myself to Aeroparque Jorge Newbery Airport (AEP).

Meeting up with a fellow passenger also headed to AEP we turn down taxi offers (US$53) and opt for an hour and a half bus ride for US$17 per person. After sharing smiles and waves with a bus full of school kids while stuck in Buenos Aires morning traffic we arrived at AEP as promised one hour and thirty minutes after leaving EZE.

A few hours later I am airborne for a less than two hour flight this time headed for Puerto Iguazu (IGR) airport gateway to the Argentina side of Iguazu Falls.

A short stop a “Tourist Information” booth and I also miss a once every four hour shuttle into town that fills up very quick. Much more slumbering around and my trip into town would have been about US$25 for a taxi instead of only US$7 for the shuttle.

Without any hotel plans as of yet I opt to be dropped off at the central bus station to start my hotel search for the next two nights. Turns out there are numerous hotel options within easy walking distance of the central bus station.


IMG_0392I opt for “Marcopolo Inn” just across the street.

In less than twenty minutes I have accommodations for the next two nights for about US$30 per night.





IMG_0401A walk around town, a US$10 dinner at an excellent restaurant then I wait for my “Great Adventure” at Iguazu Falls to begin at 7:15am tomorrow morning.

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