Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Argentina, Getting Drench At Iguazu Falls


From our drop point it is about a hundred feet or so to descend to Iguazu River. Created million of years ago, Iguazu River begins its life about 1300 kilometers from here. Others from my group are quick to make the descent but old knees and a hip replacement allow me once again to see and enjoy the beauty around me with my ears.

I know this is going to be a fun and dousing adventure as along the way I am handed a large water proof bag to secure my items that I do not want to get wet. Sensing what lies ahead some have began to dawn ponchos prior to putting on our mandatory life vest. The clear plastic investment is just not for me because I came here to get wet.

A few safety announcements and soon we are moving along the Igauzu River at no less than 20 miles per hour. A crisp and cool Argentina breeze is whipping through my hair and I am full of “pearly whites” as this time I enjoy with my eyes the spectacular scenery around us.


2014-12-03 10.00.37Jagged brown and green cliffs surround us with an occasional waterfall thundering from their sides.






Crossing the sometimes viciously swirling brown waters of the river occasionally gives us a white arching spray of refreshingly cool water from along the side of our boat.



2014-12-03 10.03.23About ten to fifteen minutes of excitement and soon the majestic Iguazu Falls comes into view.

Our speed drops almost to idle and we are given the chance to awe at the sight before us. Smiles are wide as cameras roll and click away.




We are then given fair warning before our speed comes above idle and our boat is maneuvered with precision even closer to the falls. Within minutes I am being hit in the face with falling water darts and then I grasp for breathe as I get drenched. Squeals of adventurous fear and excitement can be heard as we all get our monies worth.

After what seems like an eternity my breathing returns to normal and I can safely open my eyes. I can again feel a warm sun on my face but my legs are heavy and shaking from being drenched with what seems like buckets of ice cold water.

Back up to speed we visit another area of the falls where the drenching process is again repeated. Our adventure comes to an end with a round of applause as we approach our disembarkation point.

More of the sun's warmness is filling the air as morning clouds are beginning to disappear. My wet body can appreciate this and the beautiful day that lies ahead.



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