Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Argentina, Exploring Iguazu Falls


2014-12-03 10.27.08Still wet from being drenched, I practically stand in one spot to allow the sun and mother nature to begin their drying magic.





I am in the lower area of the falls and get more chances to be awed by them and the thundering sounds of the water crashing from hundreds of feet above me.  



2014-12-03 10.49.45



With most of the morning clouds gone the skies are now a mesmerizing blue and the day is becoming truly beautiful. I take out my dry camera and begin clicking away. I know the pictures I capture will never do the scenery here justice. I just hope that looking at them in the future will help me relive if only a small portions of my memories here.

From the lower area of the falls it is a hike to the upper portions and there are signs posted everywhere that this offering may not be for everyone. Nonetheless, I think the trail is broken down into manageable stages for most to be able to enjoy.


IMG_0453Progressing along the trail I stop in an area so close to one of the falls that it is totally wet from the falling mist.To my surprise there are birds which are difficult to see that live on the cliffs behind the cascading water.




There are also plants and trees that have adapted to the high humidity of the falling water and add to the beauty of the falls.

There are numerous falls here throughout the park and the well managed trails makes its easy to enjoy all of them.



IMG_0469Dos Hermanos


There are a few restaurants around the park with reasonable prices although you have to be careful to not unwilling share your meal with one of the park residents.

Making my way to the upper area of the falls I come across one of the reasons you might not want to swim in what seems like a relaxing stream.


IMG_0498Relaxing with you might just be a few crocodiles.






Unfortunately due to recent heavy rainfall a popular area of the upper falls to “Garganta del Diablo” is closed along with access to San Martin Island. Although disappointing this does not spoil the experience of being here. On the upper portion there are still many areas where you can almost touch the water just before it plunges hundreds of feet below you.




IMG_0480Edge Of Despair


At one point you can get a panoramic postcard view of most of the falls here that is simply superb. Again my photo taking ability does not do the scenery here much justice.

Back at Central Train Station I wait with others for a free train ride out of the park. Nothing much different to see on the train ride but for me it is an opportunity to reflect on my experience here as I sway in motion with the train.


2014-12-03 12.20.43Given the opportunity you must come and enjoy Iguazu Falls for yourself.

From Buenos Aires (AEP) or Sao Paulo (GRU) there are convenient less than two hour flights.




If you are a bit more adventurous you can take a 15-18 hour comfortable bus ride from either city for about US$200 round trip.




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