Saturday, August 30, 2014

Zambia, A Five Hour Tour, A Five Hour Tour


Although this was my second trip to Zambia it is the first time that I have explored Livingstone by bike. Through Cowboy Bicycle Safari we have arranged a tour across the city for just $25 per person.


IMG_0222On a beautiful early morning we meet our guides at Jolly Boys Hostel and set off for what turns out to be a wonderful adventure.





Our first stop is at one of the more popular local markets which is big part of many Zambians daily lives. It is a hub of activity where you may hear up to seventy two different languages spoken. Locals come from all across the city to purchase fresh fruits, clothing and other goods including fresh made peanut butter.


IMG_0214In one area I sample a handful of miniature salted dry fish and make small talk with some of the mostly female vendors.

Interestingly, pregnant women come to the market to purchase soil from terminate mounds which is eaten as a good source of iron.


As we walk around the market a young boy passes us pulling a busted out car speaker which I at first thought was just child play. However, I discover it is his home made metal detector. He is walking the market hoping to attract loose coins. Ingenious!


IMG_0218A cool purchase. Coming soon to a Saks 5th Ave near you.







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