Thursday, December 5, 2013

Estonia, A Late Night Introduction



2013-11-13 20.34.59Just a two hour ferry ride from Helsinki and I am in Tallinn, Estonia.






Surprisingly it is much colder here than in Helsinki although I have journeyed about 80 miles south.



2013-11-14 16.44.15By the time I settle into My City Hotel it is late in the evening.

However, this is a perfect time for me to bundle up and explore this medieval city by foot.




Down narrow streets that are softly light with amber lighting, I eventually make my way to a delicious serving of “Mojito Chicken Tango”.



2013-11-14 16.37.33Tallinn At Night


At midnight I am having some of the best wings I have ever tasted at Clazz Restaurant as I enjoy some musical tunes with an Estonian flavor.

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