Sunday, December 8, 2013

Estonia, A Wooden Submarine, A Wooden Submarine



CAN TLL Day 1 077Besides just enjoying this beautiful walled-in and fairytale city, I head over to Lennusadam to view a bit of Estonia’s maritime and military history.





At Seaplane Harbor about a twenty minute walk from Old Town I experience some very cool exhibits including a submarine built in1854. It is not a yellow submarine but more interestingly it is a wooden one.




2013-11-14 15.22.26A 1854 Wooden Submarine


Other neat ships here, Estonia’s first combat vessel, “The Griff” built in 1976 for the former Soviet KGB.


CAN TLL Day 1 081Also anchored here, Estonia’s  Flagship, an almost 100 year old icebreaker that is powered by steam.

This is definitely a one of a kind.








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