Friday, December 6, 2013

Estonia, The Dance Of Death



CAN TLL Day 1 065For a glimpse of Tallinn’s history, I take a walk to St Nicholas church which began construction in the early 13th century.








CAN TLL Day 1 069Beautiful Stained Glass


The church itself has it's own unique history including being bombed by the Soviets in World War II.


2013-11-14 13.35.11Housed here are some of the country's most famous art works and artifacts among which are beautiful gold and silver chalices and platters.







CAN TLL Day 1 075Danse Macabre


Danse Macabre, “The Dance Of Death” probably Tallinn's most famous medieval painting, at least a part of it, is also found here.

This painting that was the topic of many sermons reminds us that no matter what your status is in life, death unites us all.



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