Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tibet, One Step Closer To EBC


After about an hour roadside stop 5000 kilometers from Shanghai, we are back on the road again one step closer to reaching EBC, Mount Everest Base Camp.


SAM_2745Our lunch stop turns out to be an interesting one as it is the most filthy restaurant that I have ever eaten in (that I know of).

The floor is littered with so much trash that it almost seems as if we are eating at a land fill.




SAM_2748However, as Forrest Gump might say, “.. but the food was decent”.






Past more prayers flags along an amazing landscape, soon from the comfort of a warm van I am glancing at a landmark that tells me we are getting closer to our ultimate destination.



TOEBC D1 048Amazing Landscape


Although the howling wind is cold and bitter I leave my comfort zone and step outside for a better glimpse of Mount Everest in the distance. At over 15,000 above sea level I take in great views without supplemental oxygen.



SAM_2757With bright blue skies accented with white clouds, the weather could not be much better to experience this exhilarating feeling.

I think this is something many dream about but only few get the chance to do. I am one of the lucky ones.




We have one more hotel night stay before we actually reach EBC and we spend the afternoon strolling the town that is the gateway to the highest point on the planet.



TOEBC D1 054As the sun begins to fall for the evening it takes the temperature rapidly down with it.






My hotel room which has no heat becomes like the inside of a freezer. This presents a challenge as I try to go to sleep. Even fully clothed from head to toe, lying on my mattress is like being on a block of ice.

The sun cannot return quick enough and radiate the chilled air as I am not really prepared for life at 15,000 feet.




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