Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sweden, A Taste of Scandinavia


My introduction to Sweden came as a child with a few words that may be familiar to many others, “Bork de Bork, de Bork, it is time to put on make up.. it is time to dress up right.. “.Since then it has been Abba and Ikea.



2004-12-31 19.09.32About two hours after becoming airborne from Frankfurt, I touch down in the Capital of Scandinavia, Stockholm.





A short stop at the Tourist Information booth which is very nice and 99SEK (US$15) later I am on my way to the city center.

At a McDonald's just outside of the main train station with free Wi-Fi available, I book a room for the night at City Backpackers a ten minute walk away.

For about 190SEK (US$35) I will have a bed in a 4 bed dorm room. Not bad considering most regular hotels near the city center are north of US$120.



SAM_4038A stop at House of Kebab for an affordable stomach filling dinner and I am ready for an afternoon nap not too long after checking in at City Backpackers.





On a brisk Sunday evening with a light rain occasionally falling I take my customary night time walk around the city. As I walk back to the Central Station, I am a bit disappointed that most of the cities famous buildings are not well lit for nighttime photography.




2013-11-10 21.52.2517th  Century House Of Nobility


I do get a treat as a set of stomping feet head towards me as I am standing below the entrance to the Royal Apartments at The Royal Castle. I watch as a group of soldiers are performing some type of nighttime routine.

In Old Town I am delighted when I come across, The Liffey, an Irish Pub. A nice selection of beers, a great atmosphere, live entertainment and “The Broncos vs. The Chargers”.


2013-11-11 00.06.21With a tall “Sleepy Bulldog” but unfortunately minus an order of wings, this is still one way to make a “Fantasy Pigskinner” feel right at home.







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