Thursday, September 20, 2012

Norwegian Sky, White Night Party


I have been told that Norwegians “Like It White Hot” and after attending the Norwegian Sky White Night Party I have no doubt this is true.

As we sail towards Nassau under a beautiful tropical night I am sure the ship is being propelled not by it's twin diesel engines but by the energy on the pool deck.

With hundreds dressed in white and cruise staff members wearing bright white angel wings, this is an energetic and fun experience for everyone. From kids to grandmas, everyone is into excitement of this party.

From salsa to hip hop no one is standing still, we are all smiling, laughing and singing along to the music. Some of us are even jumping around like we are still in our 20's.

Thank God for Aleve!

“Hands up, Hands Up.. Who's Going To Party With Us Tonight .. Somebody Scream!”

Dance off competitions, “Max, Max, Max”, body surfing and some of the best Michael Jackson “Billy Jean” moves you have ever seen are all a part of this continuous high energy party.

It's past 1am in the morning and “The Die-Hards” are keeping The White Night Party going on with a splash. It is “Canon Ball Time”.

Y.O.L.O (You Only Live Once)



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