Saturday, September 22, 2012

Norwegian Sky, Fun People And Games


From Bingo, I-26, “Poke Out Your Neighbors Eye.. “ to Battles Of The Sexes where men have to walk and squat with a chip between their cheeks, the people and games on the Norwegian Sky are a ton of fun.

There are so many activities going on this evening that we are almost racing from one end of the ship to the other in order to not miss anything. Thanks 5-Hour Energy!

Our first stop is at Bingo where unfortunately we do not win the $10,000 jackpot. I come up nine numbers short with three numbers to go. However, another player that obviously did not get her “I poked out” wins $250.

Next, it's Battle of The Sexes where en route we get a nice demonstration of a female passenger doing an imitation of the sound a chicken makes while laying an egg. Impressive.

Not a surprise, the men kick butt in the Battle Of The Sexes even after having to demonstrate our squatting skills. Even with the win we still let the ladies party with us to the tune of “Play That Funky Music White Boy”.

I think much better that “R.E.S.P.E.C.T” although I love Aretha.

Back to the casino bar and we discover a fellow passenger has a game of his own going. “Would you like some Benson & Hedges? How about some ketchup?”

I can't believe it has been two nights and I am just now making my way to the karaoke lounge. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it sign-ups are done for the evening. The crowd does not know what they are missing or maybe word has spread in the cruise industry and they do know.

Do you know the meaning of “FULFART”?

Attend the “Liar's Club Comedy” and you might just discover the truth about it and other words like “OXPECKER”.

The “Liar's Club Comedy” is a nice warm up for what follows next in Dazzles Night Club, the adults only, “Quest” game. The audience is forewarned and kids are told there is free pizza on the upper deck.

If you are offended by men wearing bras, lipstick and high heels while strutting their stuff then this is not the game for you. However, if you are not afraid to do a split and end up hitting a soprano high note then you are going to have a lot of fun.

Who knows, you may end up sipping a cheap bottle of champagne.




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